Keys & Hope

Development co-operation

Since 1968 we have been involved in development co-operation and since 1976 we have received support from the Finnish Government.

Our workers serve in several international communities in fields of health services, education, rehabilitation, infra-structure, economical development and administration. They work alongside with local beneficiaries and in many practical ways strengthen their own capabilities including skills and knowledge etc. Special emphasis is paid on empowering and improving of the situation of women and children.

At the present we have on-going projects in Ethiopia and plan for a new project in Afghanistan.

Rural Community Development Project in Darimu is a example of our many projects

Darimu community is situated in South West Ethiopia about 660 kilometres from the capital Addis Abeba

Darimu Project is one of the NGO projects. It is financed 85% by the Finnish Government and 15% is raised by Keys & Hope. It is all done in the context of Ethiopian Lutheran Church Mekane Yesus. Local project leader is Mr. Taddese Jima and he is assisted by social worker Tesemma Ittefa several locally paid workers. Technical Avisor is Raimo Tuppurainen from Finland

There are many practical benefits for the local communities:

  • Primary school for 1000 pupils in Alga Bennon & a road of 12 kilometres with two bridges from Darimu to the school
  • Clean water for 24 willages. This is done by covering 18 natural springs and digging of 6 new wells.
  • 100 women supporting their families are helped by creating small businesses and giving them sheep for that.
  • 30 000 mothers of new babies receive a woollen sweater knitted by Finns